Sunday, November 21, 2010

"B" Stunning

The lovely "B" family contacted me about a shoot that would give them great pictures for their Christmas cards and also to have portraits done with Daddy B in his dress uniform. Daddy B serves in the US Navy (as you'll see). This very patriotic family of four were a delight to shoot, Brother B and Sister B were just adorable and Momma B's red hair caught the light just perfectly! Such a fun family!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A "Sweet" Family Shoot

So, as always, I am scouring the web and doing random excursions around town to find the best and most unique places to shoot. My thoughts for family "W" was to get them into something bright and fun and that's when I came across Sweet Pete's Candy Shop (find them on facebook also!) and knew that this would be the perfect spot to shoot the sweet family! Dad is in the Navy for a few more months and Mom just got out and they will be moving soon, Baby W is just 9 months old! Check out his wicked vampire teeth in the first picture!

No need to check your monitor, his eyes are JUST THAT BLUE! 

I'll never get enough of this awesome if you get sick of it, I apologize! 

Probably my favorite of the entire family for the whole session
They look so natural and happy! 

Be sure to check out the website! Anchored By Anderson Photography

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Anderson's First Christmas Card! PART 2

Well, I had a wonderful post typed up about my christmas cards that I created on Shutterfly but it didn't post with the last blog here it is!

I took about an hour and followed my dogs around the house and back yard to get three shots worthy of our Christmas cards! Let me tell was NOT easy! I took over 150 pictures and there were only 5 that worked...doglets are fast!'s our Christmas card...our dogs are our life. We adore them! From left--> Tipsy, Ace & Mojo. the only place I could get Ace (our Great Dane) to lay calmly was in his cage, Mojo thankfully was a little more chill and I had to steal Tipsy's bone and bribe her with it! Of course they are ALL curled up on various sofas NOW but just an hour ago they were running away from their crazy momma and her weird snapping apparatus! 

The Anderson's First Christmas Card!

Sweet Tree Christmas
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A+B {Engaged}

A photographer couldn't ask for a more beautiful couple...together they rocked their E-pics, making them quit epic! They were such a delight to work with and such good sports when we found out one of our shoot locations had been shut down for some sort of construction! Thankfully there was another more urban setting and we were off. They didn't question when I veered off the road at random and made them get out of their car and pose by a wall of an abandoned building in a part of downtown Jacksonville, FL! I can't wait for their wedding in April!

Did I mention he is Sailor in the United States Navy?! 
He serves on the same ship my husband serves on. 

They are naturals

Check out that amazing engagement ring! 

Vintage couch+Cobblestone road+Awesome couple=EPIC!

Train tracks and a train in the background, couldn't ask for anything more! 

Natural goofiness! Love it! 

Mini Shoot with Lucas

While I was back in East Tennessee earlier this month I was able to shoot this adorable (and camera shy) little boy! Everyone, meet Lucas Sebastian! I've had the honor of knowing Luke since he was a week old; he had the most amazing purple eyes...I'm not joking, they were purple. They've since mellowed to a stunning blue. Check out his adorable facial expressions, not bad for being just shy of 2 years! 

GQ anyone? 

He'd rather play with the dogs than pose


That's enough! 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CG 66 Homecoming on the Pier

K and S are reunited after months of separation during S's deployment! Reunited and it feels so good!

I see him! 

First smooch

He is so happy to see his wife

A good friend of K's, R, was proposed to in front of everyone at the homecoming celebration, here are a few shots from that as well

You can see the ring box in is right hand!

She most definitely said YES!